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Debit Card Information

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Debit Cards

A debit card works like a check because it uses money from your checking/share draft account. Having a debit card is not like having unlimited money. You need money in your checking account in order to pay for something with a debit card.

For example, say you want to use your debit card to buy an iPad for $499. You must have at least $499 in your checking account to cover the purchase. When you swipe your card, the $499 automatically leaves your account.

There are many good reasons for getting a debit card.

Debit cards:

  • Are accepted almost everywhere
  • Are fast
  • Allow you to carry less cash
  • Work as a cash card at an ATM (automated teller machine)
  • Draw cash out of your checking account

Sometimes people lose track of the money they have in their account and they try to spend more than they have. When this happens, two things can occur:

  • Your card can be declined
  • The transaction goes through, and you get charged an overdraft fee.

Having a card declined is embarrassing enough, but the real problem is when you are charged for an overdraft. Overdraft fees can stack up really fast, and you might not even realize it until it's too late. That's why it's important to know how much is in your account at all times. It's smart to always leave a cash cushion in the account so this doesn't happen to you.

Luckily, we have online banking to help you keep track of your balances. Ask about getting a debit card today.

uChoose Rewards

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Earn Points

Debit Card Features

Register your Debit Card to Earn Points for Purchases!

Register for uChoose Rewards today!  Then, use your UGEFCU debit card to start earning 1 point per $2 when you select "credit" wherever you shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is uChoose Rewards?  It's a rewards program that earns you points every time you use your UGEFCU Visa Debit Card to sign for your purchases.  Redeem your points for any reward of your choice from an online catalog.

How do I get started?  Visit  Click the Register link (under New to uChoose Rewards) and follow the prompts to create your User ID and password.

Can I earn extra points?  Earn additional points for shopping at participating retailers, in-store or online through

Debit card in use

Current Debit Card Promotions

Turn your Debit Card On and Off with our Mobile App!

You can turn your card on and off, receive alerts when your card is used, set transaction limits, etc. with Cards in your mobile app.

A digital wallet allows you to carry your debit cards in a digital format and use them from your mobile device. Just add your card to the wallet of your choice, determined by the type of mobile device you own—Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay™. Once installed and verified, you can leave the plastic at home and use your mobile wallet at participating retail stores, while shopping online, and within mobile apps.

This payment method provides additional security using encryption and tokenization to protect your personal and financial information. Your debit account number is never shared with merchants or retailers and is not stored on your device. Tokenization turns your card number into a different, random number—a token—for each transaction. Even within your app, your full card number is never shown.

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