Picture Your Goal

Create a "dream board" by cutting out pictures of the items you want and pasting them to a large paper.  Add the price of each item and figure out how to save your money to get them.

The picture above shows a dream board for a bicycle.

Welcome to the Burnie Club!

In the club you can:

  • Make a plan to save your money
  • Set a goal for what you want to buy
  • Give to help others


What's inside your member's kit?

  • Punch card: every time you deposit $5 or more you get a punch. After ten punches you get a surprise gift!
  • Coin folder: save up your quarters in the folder! Bring in your folder when it's full and you get another punch on your punch card!
  • Coloring contest: when you get a newsletter, color in the picture and enter to win a prize and have your picture hung up in the credit union!
  • Free gifts: a balloon, pencil, coloring book, stickers, and more!

Birthday gift!

We'll send you a birthday card every year for free money!  Visit us at the Credit Union with your parents and reach into the bowl of money—whatever you can grab turns into real cash in your Burnie account!

Money Games

Road  Trip to Savings
Save and spend while on a road trip!

Cash Puzzler
Complete these puzzles made out of money!

Money Metropolis
Create your own character and set savings goals in this cool game!