A UGEFCU Savings Account can help you meet your savings goal and create a cash reserve to help you prepare for the future. Your money grows safely—building dividends—until you need it. We also offer accounts for planned expenses like vacations, education, holidays, taxes and gifts.

Money Market

A Money Market is one of the best savings accounts for accumulating your emergency reserves or for parking money you plan to invest later. It allows you to maintain a higher account balance, earn more dividends, and still have access to your money. Money market account funds are federally insured by NCUA and you can start yours today with as little as $2,500.00.

Certificate Of Deposit

A Certificate of Deposit is a term deposit.  You deposit the money for a set period of time, usually between six months and three years, and in return, you receive a higher interest rate than a traditional savings account. It's a simple way to boost your savings and prepare for your financial future.

Comparison - $1,000 deposit in savings for one year vs. a one year certificate

Deposit Amount Rate Earnings
$1,000 0.35% $3.50
$1,000 2.67% $26.97

So, if you know you won't need the money for a year, you will make more money by depositing in a certificate.  But remember, you are promising to keep the money in the certificate for the term you choose. 

With a savings account, you can add money to it whenever you want but you cannot add money to a certificate until it matures.  If you deposit your money in a certificate there will be an interest penalty if you withdraw it before the maturity date.


If you're looking for free checking, we've got it.  Our checking account includes:

  • Online Account Access
  • Bill Pay
  • E-Statements (or paper statements)
  • Visa® Debit Cards
  • Surcharge free ATM networks
  • 50 free checks
  • Unlimited check-writing privileges
  • Online check reorder
  • No minimum balance, no monthly fee
  • Dividend earnings

Sign up for direct deposit of your paycheck, pension, Social Security or any other recurring payment.  We can help you make the switch to UGEFCU today.

Burnie Savings Club

Our Burnie Savings Club gives kids 12 and younger the opportunity to make deposits and withdrawals. They also start learning about interest and how a savings account can help them earn money. Plus, it gives kids positive reinforcement for meeting savings goals by rewarding them with fun prizes.
Get your child involved in the habit of learning sound money management skills at an early age. Learn More


It's important for teens to be ready to be financially independent in a few years.  Give your teen the opportunity to develop great money management habits by opening a savings account and encouraging them to make regular deposits.  Follow the link to learn more about our Teen$ense accounts.
Teens can also complete short computer courses to learn about saving, spending, managing and borrowing money.


An IRA (individual retirement account) is a form of retirement plan that offers certain tax advantages.  Use an IRA to start saving for retirement or to supplement what you're already saving.  The money in your UGEFCU IRA is federally insured, unlike the stock market.